Launching a crypto coin and a marketplace


Blue Bee is a startup that aims to escalate the awareness of significance of sustainability to the planet, through its community platform that promotes and assists organisations that are undertaking sustainable activities. This is achieved through a community-focused decentralised cryptocurrency token given as a reward based on your contribution towards the community, completing ecosystem activities as well as additional rewards for holding the token in your wallet.

They are set to expand their ecosystem further with a Learn to Earn platform that will encourage and empower individuals to get organised, get educated about sustainability and undertake actions towards it.

The Challenge

BlueBee required Space IT Labs to develop a unique solution that would motivate people towards sustainability. The key objectives BlueBee wanted to achieve was to make all their process digital, from educating about sustainability to receiving rewards for engagement in the community secured by Blockchain smart contracts. This is to enable users to be motivated to their cause and see that their actions have many positive benefits. To allow BlueBee to meet their objectives, we needed to create an exclusive and unique blockchain solution without forking existing market solutions, as well as to create a modern website for users to conduct their activities.

Blue Bee business model

Creating the architect

The Solution

We needed a logo to be very relatable to the name, the industry, and the word blockchain all combined together. Our solution was to include hexagon shape for the symbol, symbolising a honeycomb hex and blockchain as shown below.


We’ve included simplistic animations, page transitions and hover effects to drive user experience by giving the website a sleek, professional feel. The basics behind the landing page section was to keep it simple, skimmable and uncluttered; draw relation to sustainability through the use of images and icons; provide relevant information using fewer word as possible.

The large text boxes also give the page a modern feel , additional whitespacing was added to make the information seem much more readable and less cluttered.

Developing the Blockchain

We’ve developed a protocol that provides smart contract functionality in our blockchains. Smart contracts store hashed information received from the data collected or provided. They are programmed to make decisions relating to the distribution of rewards based on the user’s contribution towards sustainability. It verifies and executes the agreed terms of use of the data and transfers digital tokens as a reward to the user. Smart contract imposes double deposit collateral to ensure that all participants act honestly.

Space IT Labs thoroughly researched and created an entire system that protects BlueBee’s clients from the theft of their funds and personal information on the platform. These include the following:

  • Two-factor authentication: triggered upon login to verify users.
  • PIN code: an auto-generated number that the system would send to the user’s email or phone via text for verification.
  • IP tracking: to detect all unauthorised access to user accounts and notify them immediately
  • User statuses and personal data verification.


Our blockchain solution automatically eliminates the need for third-parties to facilitate transactions, enabling BlueBee to save in costs.

Revolutionise your business with our blockchain technology

At Space IT Labs, we can help you cut down management costs, streamline processes across a global landscape with decentralised blockchain infrastructure, applications, and services. Contact us to learn more.

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