Future proofing Earth’s Premium eCommerce website.


Earth’s premium is a site for Bavaria Trading GBR, a German-based company committed to importing high quality, organic products from Sri Lanka & Thailand into Europe. Compared to their competitors, they purchase raw produce directly from producers (farmers and cultivators) at a fair price and sell it at affordable pricing for their customers.

They are consistently working to remove economic barriers by offering a number of services to help small and local producers grow and sustain their businesses. This includes providing reasonable work opportunities to inspire the younger generation to adopt and learn new technologies. Through their actions, they are transforming communities in Sri Lanka.

Bavaria Trading came to Space IT Labs to build an eCommerce site, grow their presence and make their products more accessible within the German market at a lower carbon footprint. Our task at Space IT Labs was to create a strong eCommerce platform and user experience for their customers, so they could easily browse for products, reserve, or purchase online.

The challenge…

Our initial engagement with Bavaria Trading was to create an eCommerce platform that could display their product and communicate their business values to potential customers. This needed to be as fast as possible, of a modern design and give a good customer experience to ensure Bavaria retained their customers, as well as the inclusion of additional features such as fresh ranges of customer benefits like loyalty points.

Bavaria Trading also wanted a way to move new customers into correct E-mail lists for marketing purposes. Other necessities included integrating and incorporating multiple eCommerce features, such as additional shipping conditions and pricing, integrating analytics features (Google Analytics), offering product bundles with affordable pricing, payment gateways through a secure payment platform like Paypal and saved item lists (also known as a wishlist) for users to come back to. Due to the impact of the events COVID-19 served as the catalyst for, many eCommerce businesses struggled with increased demand as they were not fully equipped to operate online. To avoid a similar scenario, we needed to make a stronger eCommerce infrastructure that could handle their growing customer demand and allow their eCommerce business to fully operate online.

In addition to this, after analysing their request, Space IT Labs found that it was of importance to improve the control that Bavaria Trading would have over managing the content of their site.

The Solution:

During the first couple of weeks, our expert team at Space IT Labs focused heavily on discovering and understanding who their customers and competitors are, designing wireframes and prototypes the our client would be happy with and that we would be meeting their needs. We designed a user-centric experience that highlighted their business purposes using vivid green colours, modern fonts, icons, and other UI/UX elements such as smooth transition on each page. The design is easy to navigate and welcomes visitors, allowing for them to easily complete their tasks.

On the homepage, we had included a slider with animated text to grab the attention of users, whilst showcasing some of the popular items of Earth’s Premium.

Hero Slider

A modal window was attached to each product, including some clickable text links, icons to products that included extra features, as well as a page dedicated to their premium recipes.

List of items

We had provided integrations for their online stock items and product data with their ERP systems to enable them to get accurate inventory at all times.

A key element of their site was offering a transparent description that includes how the organic product was harvested and processed. Bavaria Trading GBR is heavily committed to being transparent. We supported this through an easy to read UI description section for each production.

Product description

Each item would also have a nutritional value table for their page.

Nutritional content


Bavaria Trading GBR has been able to expand its product line much further through its site Earths Premium. Further functionalities were added so that items can search by brand, type or price point. The conversion rate on visitors has improved, they are relied upon by many to deliver excellent quality, fair priced and low carbon emission goods across Germany.

Do you want to improve your eCommerce site?

Here at Space IT Labs, we are committed to working with our clients and improving their eCommerce websites. We can offer insight to facilitate and transform the way your business works to deliver its value. We are here to help, so please feel free to contact us.

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