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SLK foundation is a UK based charity working together with the Samastha Lanka Kidney Patients Association in Sri Lanka to support CKD patients by providing Dialysis kits, Erythropoietin injections, food vouchers, transport costs and other basic needs. Many CKD/CKDu patients are overwhelmed with difficulties in accessing affordable healthcare and looking after their family. As a result, SLK foundation have been motivated in supporting patients and their families financially. This is done by covering the costs of clinic visits, units for dialysis and medication. They offer schemes for alternative employment to diagnosed patients, often who was the main source of income, in order for them to maintain their family income.

Space IT Labs has continuously worked with SLK Foundation to elevate their cause and engage with donors to show the result of their donations and hard work.

The challenge:

During the initial meeting with SLK team, they had expressed that they wanted to connect and communicate their causes and mission to a wider audience. Without a website, they faced difficulty in both raising funds and allowing their donors to see how their funds were put to use and the impact they had. In addition to this, they also wanted a way to keep track of donors for their E-mail campaign, to allow weekly updates of their progress towards the cause.

Space IT Labs initially completed an analysis and realised that their website design needed to incorporate storytelling elements at every level to truly bring SLK Foundations purpose and ambitions to life, inspiring visitors to donate.

The Solution…

Hero section

Space IT Labs developed a modern responsive design for SLK, with many vivid images being displayed and the final prototype developed for SLK provided good site accessibility for all visitors using numerous devices. After receiving this they were happy to go forward with the final development project which was constructed using WordPress for its drag and drop page builder, making it easier for volunteers and staff members to edit the site more efficient and straightforward, as well as provide easy maintenance.

It was crucial to establish a brand identity with a new bold logo, colour scheme and font for its UI. Users need to be engaging with SLK missions to provide relief for those suffering from chronic kidney disease and because of our approach with the UI/UX design, we could connect their campaigns and promising appeals to real life stories of patients, to show their seriousness in making a big difference and their impact to communities in Sri Lanka.


We designed and included a live donations journey to showcase the amount raised towards a project. Each visitor is able to view more information about each project before donating, once they’re ready to donate they are taken to a secure payment platform.

Donation options
Donation Platform

We included a gallery for SLK foundation to showcase their achievements towards their cause and using custom post types, we made it easy for them to upload images to show as a carousel from the admin dashboard. This was included to showcase the impact of all user’s donations.

Gallery section

In addition, we had installed Google Analytics for them to create conversions and analyse what their site visitors are doing in order to improve the site for better accessibility and overall user experience. As they would be taking donations, security was of key importance to protect both the users and the charity. We had included anti spam technologies to prevent spam comments on their blog posts and on forms, as well as the secure payment platform.


Since the sites launch, SLK Foundations has managed to engage with numerous visitors and community members, allowing them to be one step closer to their goals.

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