Re-designing and re-vitalising Artistic Therapy.


Our client Laetitia Donoma is a creative expert in artistic healing and therapy. As a professional she promotes services for healing, wellness and self development. Traditional healing arts includes various forms from music, painting, dancing, movement, creative writing, drama therapies and many more. These artistic approaches are mixed with psychological to assist in helping clients with their problems.

The challenge:

The key issues our client was facing was that their site didn’t attract the right visitors. They became frustrated with the lack of inquiries coming in, lack of visitors and with their outdated design. During the initial meetings, our client expressed their main goals for this new website was to increase inquiries and showcase their portfolio of artwork, so we made sure to make their call to action really stand out through a fresh, clean and modern design.

AAt Space IT Labs we tasked ourselves to create a more fluid user experience and include functionality that would drive engagement, to help communicate the information and feelings our client provided. We set the following goals for the site to achieve its success:

  • Improve overall aesthetic and user experience of the client’s site.
  • Communicate clients values and services effectively and vividly.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress, to allow our client to easily edit and create new pages.

The solution:

We presented our client with a new modern design, using a palette of natural warm colours related to healing and typography which reflects the nature of her business and its values. We made use of typography and of their photography to humanise their work, so that clients can form a connection to the content.

As well as making the site as user-friendly as possible, we worked closely with the client to determine positions of each photograph and their order.

Tired of your old site?

Here at Space IT Labs, we will redesign your old website based on your new ideas to attract more customers and give you the satisfaction a clean website brings. We believe that all our client deserves a unique solution to solve their business worries and we put in all our combined efforts to ensure your business prospers. Feel free to contact us today, our specialist team will be excited to work with you.

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